Suzec Double Din car Stereo with Touch Screen, Mirror Link, Bluetooth, Media Player and LED Reverse Camera Complete Review

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Suzec Double Din car Stereo with Touch Screen, Mirror Link, Bluetooth, Media Player and LED Reverse Camera Complete Review

Bluetooth connectivity
Remote Control
Sound quality
Touch Screen
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Impressive value, great stereo audio!
  • Sould clarity too good with awesome bass
  • Amazing stereo and it looks great too.
  • Very good item.i likes very much.funtions working very well.
  • The channel separation is also v nice so stereo effects are v nicely reproduced and doesn’t have any mono like downsides.
  • Great, affordable feature-rich audio entertainment system.
  • Working good and sound quality is excellent.
  • However in terms of true fidelity, a careful pair of ears would conclude it to be lacking the softness and sweetness to a small extent(negligible).
  • Fits perfectly in the single din slot and due to smaller dimension(depth) , it saves some room at its rear helping wiring and associated mess to stay clear from its heatsink.
  • Honestly, at this price point, i am really amazed at the performance of this hu.
  • Again , only truly good pair of ears can notice it …for most people the difference is not there.
  • Best car stereo vedio player.
  • I am completely satisfied with this product and would not mind to install this in a premium car as well.
  • 8) sound quality- the unit is surprisingly loud and handles bass beyond expectations.
  • Sounds quality for my honda civic is great.

Top Negative Reviews

    Product Description

    When you can watch digital quality videos with realistic noise while on the relocation, entertainment in your automobile will never be the very same. Suzec brings you an unequaled movie seeing experience with the high definition complete display colour screen of this cars and truck video gamer with Bluetooth that even allows you to make and receive calls. The LED screen provides real viewing satisfaction, whether it is films or keeping an eye on security of your automobile's surroundings. There is an FM radio ranging from 87.5MHz-108.00 MHz to tune into. Enjoy your Favorite music, motion pictures and more in your vehicle with this smartphone-friendly AV Centre. Connect to your mobile in seconds through USB or Bluetooth and hear rich sound from the effective 4 x 55 W amplification and mega bass increase. Listening to your music on the roadway has actually never ever been so basic.

    Key Features

    • HD display – turn your car into an entertainment centre with the HD digital experience of this car stereo and video player that supports all kinds of video formats to cater to your requirements
    • High audio quality- this player has audio quality that surpasses your expectations and strikes the right chord with your heart. Connect this device via multiple options
    • Mirror link – mirror link support for android mobile users
    • Wireless remote control – the wireless RC makes it easier for the rear seat passengers or even the driver to be in control of all the functions and their entertainment
    • Built in FM radio – stay in touch with your favourite FM channels with the built-in FM radio and listen to the songs of your choice
    • Bring great sound to every journey- wherever you’re going, enjoy clear and natural sound driven by powerful amplification and customisable audio settings
    • 1080P display- it supports 1080p Good quality video display

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