Tizum Z14 Office Desk Pad Blotter – Gaming Mouse Pad -Vegan Leather 35 Inch X 17.7-Inch – Black Complete Review

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Tizum Z14 Office Desk Pad Blotter – Gaming Mouse Pad -Vegan Leather 35 Inch X 17.7-Inch – Black Complete Review

For gaming
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Didnt expect the product to be quite impressive for the price, its leather texture makes it very easy to clean and it looks good on the table
  • Will definitely look rich and sophisticated.
  • Great product, vegan leather looks and feels fine and rich
  • Nice product, its wide enough to fit a full-width keyboard, a mouse, and a mobile holder horizontally, smooth leather material, and rich look and feel
  • Very cool product,i like it so much that i hope it stays new all the time, ofcourse polish can be added but cool product
  • It looks amazing and truly water resistant.
  • This mat is a mixture of foam and leather, and i am finding this pretty useful, and of course at a reasonable price.
  • I just got gameing pad, its realy good product with big size pad i m realy happy, paisa vasul pad.
  • Great product and value for money
  • Its huge, fo me its fitted perfectly on my desk.
  • Just loved the texture and fit
  • Feel nice and leathery and is comfortable.
  • Also, when i want to clean it, i just dust it down, and wipe with a damp cloth once a week and it’s as good as new.
  • Amazing quality & goes well with many wood finishes.
  • It comes with good packing and it has a good grip to table.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Nice product….flawless, was a bit scared after reading the negative reviews…but if you replace your item within 10 days ( if you get a damaged product) you get a new one.
  • Bad quality and used item received, no return policy
  • Granted, i haven’t used it for too long (it’s only been a couple of weeks), but i do have a teething puppy, and despite his best efforts – it remains unscathed.
  • I saw some good comments and bought this but as you cannot return this so money is wasted.
  • But they are charging 1100 bcoz of there branding only.. dont buy this.. its waste of money.
  • As is visible in the image, the back side of the pad was covered in dust, and wouldn’t come off easily with a dusting cloth unless you really put pressure and effort.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Built: – This DeskPad Blotter is made from environment friendly 100% Vegan Leather. Feels great on your skin as when you’re writing, typing, or using your mouse.
  • Delicate Surrounded Anti-fray Stitched Edges: The latest anti-fraying edge stitching ensures the mouse pad does not fray or peel of surface for a long time use.
  • Usability : – Effectively usable for writing and typing purposes. Non-Slip Bottom – Safe for any surface. Anti-slip under side to keep from slipping on greasy surfaces. Protects your glass / wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills.
  • Surface can be used as a mouse pad, comfortable resting surface for your hands while writing, typing, or using the mouse. Wide Surface Area, with enough room for your Laptop, keyboard, mouse, sketchbook or journal and Big enough to Fit your Working Desk.
  • Quality: – Water-resistant so its pretty easy to clean. Easy to carry around as it weighs only 860gms. Rectangular design with size 35-Inch x 17.7 Inch fits your table perfectly.

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