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Tripole Colonel 80 litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack, Army Green Complete Review

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685 Reviews
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Tripole Colonel 80 litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack, Army Green Complete Review

For travelling
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • The detachable little bag does the best cameo impressed by the durability and is still strong & intact ?????
  • The detachable bagpack is good though tiny, metal rods are of good strength and the raincover is also good.
  • Product is very durable and comfortable and also value for money is good except for the fact that it is not waterproof, i went for a himalayas trek and all happened during rain is every single piece of bag is drenched in rain literally, even the bag issues by government had very good rain covers, this rain cover was nothinggggg literally
  • The best thing about this it is that you can very easily customise it according to your usage and the smaller bag inside is quite handy with a lot of different compartments make it easy for the user.
  • The best in class rucksack. love it.
  • What adds to it’s benefits is the fact that it can completely be covered from rain , keeping your precious belongings safe from water.
  • Loved it …. value for money ….. for sure
  • I believed it was a little on the pricey side but after using the 95l variant, i must say it’s the best you can get .
  • Personally, i feel whether i get less features or not but i need it perfectly finished.
  • The rain cover is very useful and came handy very much during my tapovan trek, both for snowfall and hail overall the backpack is strong, though quite heavy.
  • After one year of use giving the review, when i first bought it everyone criticized me that i am wasting my money, but when i visited my hometown town ,i was packing things and everything fits in it ,they were amazed to see the space like how many things it holds ?
  • Its awesome for people who go for long distance trecking on bikes and for people like me who occasionally have to change cities.
  • Materials used of great quality and i like army green color.
  • Best available product for trekking enthusiasts
  • -provides excellent support while climbing/trekking.

Top Negative Reviews

  • The extra bag at back doesn’t even fit a 15inch laptop i doesn’t feel like its 95 liters, size feels much smaller, feel little cheated.
  • I am rating this as 3 star because its not too good or too bad.
  • The quality of zips is a major let down and that actually should be really looked into had returned one due to damages and then again got it the outer bag bag would just come off kept it got irritated enough not to try and return again…
  • The bag rest isn’t that great and starts to loss shape after a few days.
  • So far no problem noticed.
  • The laptop compartment has no padding, it is made of just a thin cloth which is of poor quality.
  • Big enough but poor quality
  • Very specious bag…but poor zip quality and its make weird noise when we carry bag with load.
  • Very poor quality and not worth it
  • A pocket on the waste is missing 2.
  • Bag is durable no doubt!
  • Good for trekking, bad for train & flight traveller, stich quality poor.
  • 4)rain cover is off very poor quality.
  • The shoulder strap finishing is very poor.
  • Straps used are of very poor quality.

Product Description

Colonel Series Rucksacks are ideal for long period of time hikes or take a trip lasting in between 12-20 days depending upon the size you picked. The rucksack features a detachable day pack that can be taken apart for day walkings or short trips. Colonel Series has been developed for durability and produced rough usage. The base pads and double fabric finishing at the bottom enhance it and makes it ideal for rough terrain. Soft breathable cushioning on the back offers comfort and simple air circulation while strolling for long hours. Flexible waist belt can be gotten used to fit listed below the hips for load management and the torso change mechanism makes it suitable for several physiques. Equipped with an internal frame system made of fiber padding and 2 metal rods, multiple straps and cables for holding extra gear and sewed utilizing 1200D water-repellent and water-proof polyester, the Colonel Series rucksack is a multi energy rucksack built for bring excessive travel luggage easily. Tripole Gears is also the manufacturer of this rucksack and offers with a 3 year guarantee on the products. Tripole aims to provide its clients with the most durable and high energy products at an inexpensive rate.

Key Features

  • DETACHABLE DAY PACK – 12 Litre capacity day pack that can be detached from the main rucksack for day hikes or city tours for carrying small handy items like snacks and water. Comes with carabiner hooks on the front and a key hook inside with padded shoulder straps and breathable back mesh.
  • INTERNAL FRAME – The rucksack is designed for long duration travelling and hiking and is equipped with a fibre frame at the back compounded by an aluminum rod to provide maximum load carrying capacity.
  • RAIN COVER – The rucksack comes with a fully water proof rain cover which is stored inside the velcro pocket at the base of the rucksack. The cover also comes handy to prevent dust.
  • BOTTOM OPENING – Easy access compartment towards the bottom for storing shoes, sleeping bags, soiled clothes and other handy items you might want to access easily while travelling. This section is separated by a fabric from the main compartment which can be loosened up to make the entire rucksack into one compartment.
  • OTHER FEATURES – Water-proof and water-repellent heavy duty polyester fabric, durable hardware and zippers | Soft cushioning on the back provides with comfort and good airflow while walking long hours | Multiple handy pockets on the front, side and top for storing varied items | 3 years manufacturer warranty for any damage due to regular usage. Contact

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