V-Guard Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer for up to 32 TV 90 – 290 V Black Complete Review

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V-Guard Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer for up to 32 TV 90 – 290 V Black Complete Review

Easy to install
Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Those who loved their valuable tv they must go with it.i use it for 32 inch led and sit top box both and its very beautiful comes with additional cut off fuse wall hanging screw.its work fine
  • The product is good and does what it says.it comes from a trusted brand and you should not have any second thoughts while buying this product.it is the best choice for any lcd/led tv for sizes upto 32 inches.it has a 3pin socket and a 2pin socket ,so it can provide protection to one tv (upto size 32 inches)and a set-top box /or your dvd player depending on your choice.you also get an extra fuse in the box.
  • Performance wise good enough for upto 32inches tv & along with we can connect dth setup box too..v- guard has given with extra fuse pin…. price wise some what high…
  • It’s compact and a good product…i have been an old v-guard stabilizer and have immense faith in the company and undoubtedly this product has retain my faith.
  • Those who loved their valuable tv they must go with it
  • Received in time.very easy to use.working very nice for my 32″ led tv and set top box.safely packed.
  • Good product input 90vac to 300vac high voltage cutoff 320, capacity 230 x 1.3 amps therefore 300va mini sleek and comfort.looks very elegant
  • Nice robust product from v-gaurd…. voltage stabilisation is good for limited wattage… startup time is about 5 seconds…
  • Product deliver me as same as manufacturer packaging with good care without any damage…
  • Hope this review helps .thanks.
  • Good product. value for money.
  • Best one. go for it.
  • This stabilizer is the best.
  • If you get anything below rs 1000 go for it otherwise this is best.
  • They dont even have a official seller account here which could help customers who’d like to purchase from an official seller.

Top Negative Reviews

  • So far no complaints .
  • V-guard as a company is not so great at online sales.
  • We have minor earthing problem at home and hence we had to use stabilizer/ups for critical electronic devices.
  • No service and time waste
  • All that does is it generates excessive heat on the point due to the current overload and is a fire hazard.
  • I also use other model of v-guard stab for my fridge.
  • Body plastic quality is very bad
  • The stabilizer should be kept elevated preferably to avoid any accidents and should be kept away from moisture or water.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Compatible Devices – Television up to 32 inch and DVD, DTH
  • V Guard is currently undergoing brand logo and design change for its products. Please check that the product matches with either of the shown product images
  • Operating Voltage range (Input): 90-290 V, the product will cut-off outside this voltage range
  • In case of any product issues, contact V Guard customer care toll free number: 1800 3000 1800
  • Other Performance Features- Mains Turn-on Delay, Performs in Wide Input Range, >95 % Efficiency
  • Capacity 1.3 Amps; 240 V Output, with output Voltage Correction
  • Wall and Floor Mount
  • 3 Years V-Guard India Domestic Warranty

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