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WaterScience Cleo SFC UW 100 Replacement Cartridge Old Part No. SFC-W/U 815 Complete Review

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276 Reviews
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WaterScience Cleo SFC UW 100 Replacement Cartridge Old Part No. SFC-W/U 815 Complete Review

Easy to install
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It has always work perfectly, the water flow is appropriate, and the best thing is that my skin and scalp have never been itching again since using these filters.
  • There are other products as well but cleo is best among all.
  • Great quality for a good price!
  • My hair and skin both feel lot better, earlier it use to feel super dry.
  • Since i used it over 6 months so i did purchase new filter which is super easy to replace, one can do that without any tools.
  • Using this for a last couple of months and it’s actually very effective and a terrific product in this price bracket.
  • Original cartridge and this are identical and the functioning is perfect.
  • The product is definitely effective.
  • Works effectively. i highly recommend it.
  • The original product and filter supplied along with that was really good.
  • The best thing is that it can be fitted on any shower fitting!
  • Does the job pretty well
  • Filter replacement quality is good, same as it came with the original body.
  • Even though the product is good and works fine but the pricing has increased from rs.
  • This filter is getting chocked very frequently and the water that is coming out looks like a little bit sticky when compared with the original onem

Top Negative Reviews

  • I do see the difference but is it not like free of lime scale deposit.
  • Product is good but the instructions are slightly erroneous especially taking off the top and bottom plastic seals unfortunately there were no plastic seals
  • They stopped complaining about losing their hair after a head bath.
  • The replacement cartridge is not giving the same quality as the original… disappointed
  • Replacement filter is of bad quality
  • It’s either used or a bad filter
  • It seems some competition is trying to destroy the company.
  • Bad odour is also eliminated.
  • This is unethical way of business.

Product Description

CLEO Replacement Cartridge for CLEO SFW-815 Shower Filter & CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter. Keep in mind: Part No SFC UW 100 & SFC W/U 815 are the same cartridge model.

Key Features

  • Benefits: reduces hair-fall, protects skin, removes odour, and prevents limescales
  • reduces chlorine, effects of hardness and prevents bacteria
  • For: cleo sfw 815 shower filter and cleo sfu-717 shower and tap filter
  • Long cartridge life of 25,000 litres or upto 6 months (actual life depends on usage and water quality). Replaceable cartridges easily available on amazon
  • Warranty: 90 days manufacturer warranty from date of purchase. Contact_us on : [ 9242 000 123 ]
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