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WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter for 1/2″ Showers and Taps Matte Silver & Pearl White for Borewell Water High Hardness Complete Review

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977 Reviews
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WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter for 1/2″ Showers and Taps Matte Silver & Pearl White for Borewell Water High Hardness Complete Review

Easy to install
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Effective and worth the product go for it… excellent thoughtful packed and prepared
  • It would been great product if priced a bit lower, but still i recommend this one if you want a portable way to improve water quality for bath purpose.
  • I have boring water coming and it’s too salty so hair fall was a main issue i want to bought although i have not checked tds etc but what i have feel real difference is water doesn’t seems to be so hard as it was early…spots on tiles and buckets are zeroed …very nice and thoughtful presentation of product also… you will not even need a extra pin to install…they have given basics item as good as tightening tool as well…which other takes it for granted…great buy
  • I am happy with the product and will surely recommend it to others.
  • But i found good reviews about water science products so i purchased this one but trust me it’s been more than 2 months now and no luck.
  • Good for hairfall and skin. and easy to fit into tap and shower.
  • I have recommended to so many friends and they have the same opinion and thanked me recommending this product
  • Very easy to fit on standard sized pipes and showers as well.
  • Good & great customer service
  • I started to find some solution for this and then heared about tap/shower filter which can help but when i start looking then the challenge was which one is good as there are lot of option/brands which are making these products.
  • So if your water mixer is not matching the thread size of this unit then you will have to find a innovative way of fixing it like the one i did, please check the photos.
  • The customer service is also good and the deliver is excellent.
  • The fit so good no leakage at all and i did taste the water from the unit and without and easily we can make the difference.wife is happy and in turn me
  • Installation is easy and fun.
  • Good quality and nice looking.

Top Negative Reviews

  • And the worst part is that the open end is threaded which looks ugly on a tap.
  • Really does the work ment to be as per the description specified, could see the evidence from the day 1 of purchase, if you r really suffering from hair loss and skin irritation better check with water as i found the same issue hard water and purchased the product i really see the difference in day one .
  • Wasted my money.. nothing improved.. bought this to reduce hairfall but same situation … disappointed ?
  • If you r really suffering from hair loss and skin irritation better check with water as i found the same issue …
  • Worst product ever, money wasted and hopes too!!
  • Forget about not working, it is causing more harm.
  • Using it from past 2 week and i can feel my hair little softer compare to earlier but only worry is that red indicator.
  • Hard water is a menace.
  • I ordered this for fitting it to tap but it did not fit to the tap as the tap i am using is not 24mm, luckily it fitted well to the shower head of my washroom.
  • One of the main damage could be caused due to hard water is hair fall, initial days, i also suffered from the hair fall issue, after fixing the water science cleo water softener, now i am feeling much better.
  • I used to get hard water in bangalore and sometimes dirty collegil water also.
  • Having installed waterscience cleo shower and tap filter in may ’19, i find skin irritation has reduced (almost gone completely), hair fall has reduced significantly.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Hair Loss due to Hard Water? Tried different Shampoos but nothing works? Change your Water
  • CLEO Shower and Tap Filter reduces Hair Fall, protects Skin and removes Bad Odours. Gives you a clean and healthy shower experience
  • Made in India, for India. With Unique 4-Layer Filter With KDF Technology And Nano Silver Carbon. Reduces Chlorine, effects of Hard Water and removes Impurities. Note: CLEO is not designed to reduce TDS/Hardness value. Contact_us on : [ 9242-000-123 ]
  • Easy Self-Installation. Fits All 1/2″ Standard Wall Shower Heads, Hand-Held Showers And Taps With 22mm and 24mm. 28mm, Contact_us on : [ 9242-000-123 ] for help with Installation
  • Long Cartridge Life Of 25,000 Litres or upto 6 months (Actual life depends on usage and water quality)
  • Installation: CLEO Shower & Tap filters can be connected to a wide range of bathroom fittings including: 1/2″ Wall & Overhead showers ; Hand-held showers ; Taps & Faucets with 22mm, 24mm & 28mm aerators

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