Wipro 16 Amp Smart Plug Complete Review

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Wipro 16 Amp Smart Plug Complete Review

Alexa integration
Easy to install
Easy to use
Timer function
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • If you looking for a best energy monitoring device buy this it’s best i am using this with my 2ton inverter ac it’s easy to install and the data is accurate it’s also easy to link it with the wipro application i am going to buy more of these for my second ac, geyser , refrigerator and microwave oven… it’s value for money and easy to install my suggestion is don’t switch off a running ac via the application directly because that can cause harm to your ac because it has a method to shutdown slowly so first shut it via ac remote
  • Doesn’t need any hub which is definitely a good way to save money if you have a good wifi router.
  • been working great, easily integrated with google home app and working like a charm with google home mini speaker.
  • I installed it at ny workstation area to plug in good knight evening time it automatically turns on good knight active and keeps me safe from mosquitoes.
  • Give a try you will love it… alexa integration is superb!
  • I hadn’t expected this feature based on the product details, so this definitely felt like a bonus.
  • Great product from wipro, definitely recommended !!
  • As i work whole day and my house remain close in summer before i leave from office i as my phone to turn on my ac before i reach my room is thanda thanda cool cool, in winter i turn on my room heater so it become warm and that from my phone.its gives u peace of mind if by mistake u have left appliance on u can turn off from any were without an worry or without going back home.
  • Excellent product with very good quality body.
  • My original plug and socket has worked perfectly fine for the last 3 years.
  • If an adhoc basis i need to turn on good knight, i say “alexa turn on good knight” and it turns it on instantly… needless to say it has various other usages, i just shares my example.
  • Great product and good utility.
  • Alexa voice command works like charm, also we can schedule it from wipro next smart home app.
  • After two weeks of continuous use i found that it is the best performing smart socket with all basic features along with power monitoring feature.
  • Power consumption and voltage are available only in wipro app, but using with google assistant has its own charm (especially for a newbie like me).

Top Negative Reviews

  • Worst design ever covers the adjoining button doesn’t support normal size plugs go for smaller 10amp plug if you are no going to use it for heavy appliances
  • Shame on wipro to sell such a crappy product!!
  • I bought it for tv but it automatically switches on and off making it worst, i have rest it and integrated again with alexa but same issue.
  • The worst part is, you can’t even fit it to an ac as the socket doesn’t fit into that as well.. now, if you were to use it for a regular 16a socket then it works well.
  • Disappointed with wipro for selling an untested and poor quality product.
  • Bought this item so that i can integrate it ifttt but as expected wipro did fraud.
  • It saves oil, as its scheduled and no worries to forget it to turn on and off manually every time by bending in.
  • Anyways, ifttt can be added later but why advertise wrong information?
  • No complains about the usage or functionality.
  • But one problem is with all the devices.
  • But this problem is with all devices.
  • They also suffer from intermittent connection breakages even if they are placed nearby to the router or router booster.
  • The app is not optimised for current gem devices because all the text are cut off in the tables where it shows you the consumption.
  • It retains it’s status before power failure when power comes back.

Product Description

Material: Polycarbonate; Product Measurement: 105.67.1; Bundle Contents: 1 Socket; 2 years guarantee on item; Smart Plug - Appropriate for large appliances like Gysers, microwave ovens, Air Conditioners etc.; Energy Tracking - Screen the energy intake of your Electrical home appliances. Check the status of each one from your Wipro Next app and switch off ones that you forget to turn off.; Wireless Control - Control electrical gadgets from anywhere with the Wipro Smart app on your smartphone.; Voice Control - Voice Control device connected with Smart Plug through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant; Set Schedules - Schedule your gadgets to turn on and off at set times throughout the day.

Key Features

  • Material: Polycarbonate, Color: White, CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Control your device from anywhere with Wipro Next Smart Home App
  • Item Dimension: 105mm x 66mm x 50mm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Material: Polycarbonate; Item Dimension: 105.67.1; Package Contents: 1 Socket; 2 years warranty on product
  • Smart Plug – Suitable for large appliances like Gysers, microwave ovens, Air Conditioners etc. Energy Monitoring – Monitor the energy consumption of your Electrical appliances
  • Check the status of each one from your Wipro Next app and turn off ones that you forget to turn off
  • Voice Control – Voice Control device connected with Smart Plug via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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