Xpro Table Top MIC Clair XP-106 Complete Review

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Xpro Table Top MIC Clair XP-106 Complete Review

Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Great and value for money product … good size and shape you can use for decorations as well :)
  • Best mic you can get at this price if you want a mic for talking in skype or anything like that in your computer this is the best mic you can get at such at cheap price i will not suggest for buying this mic for commentry.
  • Very good clarity and volume, good product
  • Audio quality is quite impressive looks great on desk.
  • Wrost product i have ever seen but the design is best and wire quality is best sound quality is bad
  • It works well and clarity is also much satisfying for this price.
  • This is truly a fantastic mic for those who want to step into deep recording.
  • It’s great, recording is crystal clear.
  • I would have to say that this desktop microphone is really amazing. well built
  • Ok its best microphone dor those who wants to startup there youtube channel .
  • Well, i would have to say that this desktop microphone is really amazing.
  • But, it stands so good in quality and flexibility.
  • This is so far one of the best products i’ve ever purchased !!! detailed review
  • But the sound is like a professional microphone, trust me.
  • The sound quality is pretty amazing noise is very very low.. been using it for a month no issues what so ever .

Top Negative Reviews

  • Item stopped working in 2 months, its completely dead no response.
  • Very low volume recording, waste of time for me.
  • My team mates have no trouble hearing me.

Product Description

This high-sensitivity desktop MIC transmits crystal clear noise which is complimentary of distortion. The length of the cable is 2.0 meters with 3.5 mm gold plated jack that makes sure better connection. Now be closer to the ones you like even when you are far or tape your voice in your system with this desktop MIC that absorbs your voice fast and clear!

Key Features

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