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ZIC Gear FF 75W-85 GL-4, 2.5L 100% Fully Synthetic Gear Oil with SK’s Proprietary VHVI Technology Complete Review

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24 Reviews
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ZIC Gear FF 75W-85 GL-4, 2.5L 100% Fully Synthetic Gear Oil with SK’s Proprietary VHVI Technology Complete Review

Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Superb transmission oil,now gear is slotting like bread n butter ,before changing the oil i’m having some gear slotting issues(reverse) now it’s fully gone , highly satisfied with the product, highly recommended for swift diesel owners will amazed by seeing the result i’m sure
  • I used in my polo gt superb experience…. now i am using in elite i20 .
  • Synthetic oil more effective than mineral in lubrication and smooth running, 5k kms and still its still slick, will definitely buy it again
  • Oil is crystal clear and seems good quality.
  • Honestly speaking one can easily notice a difference in gear shifts.
  • Very happy with the performance and why not it is actually hyundai genuine fluid…

Top Negative Reviews

  • It is a genuine hyundai and kia transmission fluid.
  • Can’t be anymore happier…. sk lubricants is the official lubricant manufacturer for hyundai and kia vehicles…
  • Confusion about manufacturing date is misunderstanding as in south korea its yymmdd format.

Product Description

ZIC G-FF 75W-85 is a manual transmission fluid specifically created for front wheel drive cars. It is a flexible item which offers exceptional anti-wear, rust, anti-oxidancy and rust defense. ZIC G-FF 75W-85 offers exceptional protection at high operating temperatures. KEEP IN MIND: Dear Purchasers, kindly keep in mind that this item is an imported product. The date that you may see on the label will be in YY/MM/DD format. In case, you feel you have got an old or ended item, please do not hesitate to contact us before positioning a negative feedback or return request.

Key Features

  • Meets API GL-4, MIL-L-2105A
  • Recommended for manual transmission of modern front wheel drive vehicles
  • Comes with SK’s Proprietary VHVI Technology

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